Small Named Green Flag Eco-School


Our school is being recognized for the work that has gone into building the Green Academy.

“The purpose of Eco-School is that it is the framework to help educators integrate sustainability principles throughout their schools and curriculum,” Green teacher Nate Rosenberg said.

Eco-School programs are very nature filled and something that anyone can do.

“We do a lot of nature-related stuff, like working in the garden, taking care of chickens, and a lot of other great things,” Environmental Science teacher Christopher Brooks said.

Both faculty and students have done work for years to make our school a green school.

“We are already doing things that an Eco-School does, so we just wanted to recognize the work students and teachers have done over the years,” Rosenberg said.

Most of the green initiatives on campus are student centered.

“The students help us to run the gardens and the greenhouse, and take a lot of responsibility,” Brooks said.

The Green Academy is mostly students, as the green teachers want it to be, because they want their classes to be motivated and actually put in a lot of effort.