Delegates to Compete in Model UN


Thirty-five students will represent their chosen countries at the Model United Nations competition on March 4.

“I want to get interested students exposed to current affairs as diplomats,” Texas History teacher Christopher Davis said.

Model UN is an educational simulation and academic competition where students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.

“The best part is spending time with my friends who are in Model UN and just getting to work with them,” Model UN delegate Max Donahue said.

Each student was able to select their own country,.

“I chose the Philippines because it seemed like a popular country out of the ones I had,” Donahue said.

Clint Small Delegates will be competing against O. Henry.

“My favorite part is probably the competition part because I think it is cool that we get to model the United Nations,” Model UN delegate Joaquin Lozano said.

In the end, the best performing delegates will receive an award from LASA.

“The most challenging was memorizing all the geography of your country,” Lozano said.