Music Department Prepares for UIL



With UIL coming up, Choir, Orchestra, and Band keep time with after school rehearsals, sight-reading new music everyday, and working every possible minute during class.

“I would love for all my groups to get superior, but as long as they try their best, that’s all I can ask for,” Choir teacher Allison Tucker said.

Tucker wants a performance that shows their best, and for Orchestra, Carrie Miller wants the same thing.

“I want a performance that shows our best ability, and it should show how hard we worked on it together,” Miller said.

Being in band isn’t just about playing an instrument; it’s about working together to get a good sound.

“The skills we need to work on to get a perfect score are playing together, balancing the band out, and intonation to sound good,” Band teacher Susan Glaser said.

For some students, going into UIL for their second time might not be as scary, but the music can get harder.

“The most challenging thing I have with the music we’re playing is staying on beat and not rushing,” eighth grader Mariana Gaytan said.

According to some students going into UIL for the first time can be nerve racking.

“It’s scary because you’re under pressure. The judges are in the room looking at you, and the sight reading is also scary because you’re learning music for seven minutes, and you can’t make a noise,” seventh grader Juliana Quimby said.