Girls’ Soccer Kicks off Season with Win


Charlotte and Morgan

This year’s girls’ soccer teams have started their season with a win against Bailey and a determined spirit.

“Last year our team’s defense was weak, but this season we have focused on both offense and defense making the team as a whole stronger,” A-team player Briana Luna said.

Both A and B-team practice Tuesday through Friday and spend lots of time together outside of school.

“The environment on the team is very fun, and my teammates are encouraging. I enjoy it as an after school activity,” B-team player Kristen Ham said.

Each practice the team uses different drills to work on their skills.

“My favorite drill is 2v1 because it’s fun and I like going against my teammates,” A-team player Annika Bloomquist said.

The teams run the “Big Run” where they run around all the fields and track every practice for fitness.

“After a while I have gotten used to it, and I’m starting to like it because it builds up my endurance,” B-team player Camron Sneed said.

The girls are given positions depending on their technique and ball control.

“I play right midfield, and I dribble the ball to the goal and pass the ball in,” B-team player Lexi Wilson said.