Intermediate Theatre Performs ‘Bad Play’


Adrienne and Brandon

The actors fall to the ground, wiggling and twisting. They pretend to be bacon in the latest play from Intermediate Theatre, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned by Being in a Bad Play.”

“My favorite part of the play was the warm-up scene because we got to act like bacon,” eighth grader Rayce Arrington said.

Actors in the class rehearsed for weeks for the performance on December 9th.

“We rehearsed the play for twelve weeks or so,” Theatre Arts substitute Matthew Humphrey said.

Everybody had a character that they had to play.

“I played Flapjack, the dimwitted actor that was always in the way,” Arrington said.

People who attended the play donated money for theatre funds, to pay for new costumes and supplies.

“We didn’t charge the students and parents for admission; we just accepted donations,” Humphrey said.

Friends of the actors attended the play and cheered the actors on during the performance.

“I liked it because some of my friends were in it, and they were really good,” eighth grader Lydia Zonn said.

Arrington even had a special catch phrase: “Oh flapjacks!”