Environmental Ethics Students Travel to Balcones Canyon Land Preserve


Andrew and Maddie

Environmental Ethics students took a field trip to the Balcones Canyon Land Preserve on Dec. 8.

“We want the kids to look at a natural environment where people and both animals co-existing in a sustainable environment,” assistant teacher Carly Surratt said.

Balcones Canyon Land Preserve is an uninhabited place, which means humans have not lived in it.

“I have learned about the different amounts of trees in the area,” eighth grader Evan Acuña said.

There were several activities for the students, including a scavenger hunt.

“It was very exciting to do the scavenger hunt because the scenery was awesome, and we saw lots of cool things,” eighth grader Rayce Arrington said.

The students observed many things, such as different types of plants and scat.

“My favorite activity was the bird watching. The binocular’s we used were pretty good,” Acuña said.

The site was full of different species, including several endangered species, such as the golden-cheeked warbler.

“I wanted them to understand more about local preservation systems and for them to have fun,” Environmental Science teacher Christopher Brooks said.