AISD Resurfacing School Tracks


Charlotte and Morgan

Many tracks in AISD are being fixed and worked on, including ours, over the last few months.

“We can’t run on our track for P.E. so we run pacers in the gym, but for athletics we use the track,” Coach Garcia said.

Students in P.E. and athletics do not have access to the track for anything, but running.

“P.E. normally uses the track for fitness testing because the track is still good, but they just need to add the soft covering over it,” Coach Moore said.

Tracks are being fixed in AISD because of the poor quality.

“The old track had been run down and torn up from years of running, and the new track should help us run better,” eighth grader Garen Aguilera said.

The old track needed work and for a while now and was getting out of hand.

“The old track condition was bad because it had many holes, and I would fall when I would run,” seventh grader Presley Lorell said.

Athletes are hoping the resurfacing will be completed before track season begins.

“The track had been in a very bad condition because there were holes in the track, so it made it hard to run on,” eighth grader Hannah Rowe said.