Play Terraria, Survive the Night



Terraria a a 2D platform game, and all you need to do is survive hostile creatures in the night and the day on a lonely world, but you can make friends! You should buy Terraria. Just look at the possibilities!

Terraria has great reviews online on Steam, an online game store. It has an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating. It has recently joined GOG, also an online game store, and started with good reviews. It has a map to stay with you and never leaves unless you want it to. It will tell you what the terrain is beforehand and marks your journey. You need to get a mod for a map on Minecraft. It gives you more places to live. You can live in caves easily because of its 2D design. It has giant trees where you can live in its canopy. You should buy Terraria. It’s cheaper than Minecraft, and has more possibilities.

I love Terraria; it’s my favorite game because of its smooth animations and the great updates that Re-logic creates. I give Terraria a 9 out of 10. If they made a 3D version of Terraria, it would be a 10. I would recommend spending $10 on Steam to buy this game.