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Thai Fresh Goes Local

What’s so fresh about Thai?


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Located at 909 West Mary Street 78704, Austin TX, ThaiFresh is a restaurant and coffee shop founded on August 6th, 2008.

It is a restaurant that excels in making vegan food and ice cream. They also have their share of beers and wines, and have a completely gluten free & vegan bakery. They offer meat on their menu as well, such as egg, tofu, beef, chicken, and some other proteins. They offer cooking classes for people who love to cook, or if you’re just getting into cooking. They also cater for you hardcore foodie partygoers, or you just like to eat a lot, and love food.

In my opinion, this restaurant is very unique, and definitely deserves some more recognition. The food and deserts are good, and the atmosphere of the place is nice. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone whether you are vegan or a carnivore, and especially anyone who has a gluten allergy. However, I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone who really hates Thai food, because there aren’t really any reasons why you shouldn’t like this restaurant. In my opinion, it was a clever little idea for a restaurant, and I’m sure there are a lot of grateful people out there who appreciate a restaurant like this every once in a while.

You should definitely give them a visit sometime, and you can call them at (512) 494 6436 or visit their website at

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Thai Fresh Goes Local