GTA Begins Offering Medical Detectives Class


Andrew and Maddie

By the end of the year, students in Medical Detectives will get to solve a murder mystery.

“In this class we will test DNA samples and learn about the human body. We are given a patient with symptoms, and we find a possible virus or bacteria that could have been the cause of death for the patient,” Medical Detectives teacher Jill Burgess said.

Burgess was one of the chosen teachers to be able to teach this class.

“Biology is my degree and my background, so I immediately had an interest in the class,” Burgess said.

Students are having high expectations toward this class.

“This year I’m looking forward to doing dissections and testing DNA samples,” seventh grader Abbas Akhtar said.

This class is a new way to learn about the human body and sickness.

“I want to be a doctor in the future, so this class is very helpful in the whole process,” seventh grader Autumn Turner said.

Medical Detectives is taught during two periods with a number of thirty students. Students are doing things like researching taste and smell, and other things about the human body. This is the first time Medical Detectives has been taught in Green Tech Academy.

“I want kids to have an interest in life science and all science in general,” Burgess said.

Burgess teaches the class more in a group than individually, so they can understand each other better.

“This class is more exploratory than test taking,” Burgess said.

This class is a learning experience for students who are interested in life science.

“This class is the best class I’ve ever taken,” Turner said.