Shoes Galore


Charlotte and Morgan

Students are going all out this year with the latest shoe trends.

“I think shoes give students a way to express their personality. I believe they care a lot about their shoes, but once they have to pay for their own shoes, it won’t matter as much,” seventh grade science teacher Sylvia Brown said.

There are lots of ways students decide on their shoes while picking them out for their outfits.

“When I pick out an outfit I try to match my shoes with my socks, because I don’t want to look too flashy,” eighth grader Jayden Hamilton said.

Stores and brands sell different styles of shoes, giving students a good variety to choose from.

“I buy most of my shoes from Finish Line because it has a big variety of shoes and lots of different styles,” eighth grader Domingo Cervantes said.

Some students buy shoes every week, but to some, buying shoes isn’t so ordinary, and they have a specific style they look for.

“I normally buy shoes every four months. When I buy shoes I normally buy Converse because of the movie Sandlot. They all wore Converse, and I thought they were cool,” sixth grader Jackson Whighan said.

There are lots of brands students can choose from, which allows them to have many options.

“My favorite type of shoe would be Vans because there is a lot of different types, and they are very comfortable,” sixth grader Isabelle Wilson said.

Even though the kid’s wear the shoes, parents are the ones providing the money for the shoes, making their opinion important.

“When I buy shoes for my children I don’t want to buy man made materials. I prefer either real leather or canvas and no pleather because I want the shoes to last,” parent Beatriz Scrimgeour said.

From sandals to boots, shoe trends are always changing.

“My favorite type of shoe is Sperry’s because they are very comfortable, the leather lasts a long time and the shoe laces keep stay tied throughout the day,” seventh grade Jasel Francis said.

Teachers get to see first hand how students choose shoe trends.

“I get to see students almost all day, so I do get to see how certain groups wear different shoes styles and how many students wear the same types of shoes,” environmental science teacher Nate Rosenberg said.