Cougars Beat Bailey in Battle for City Championship


Daiveon and Josh

Both the eighth grade football teams battled Bailey in the fight for the City Championship.

“It is all about winning, bro,” eighth grade A-team football coach DJ Johnson said.

Eighth grade A-team finished 4-2 in regular season and 1-0 in the playoffs, beating Garcia to play in the city champs.

“We lost the first two games but we worked it out,” eighth grade football player Domingo Cervantes said.

Eighth grade B-team finished 4-1, losing to Dripping Springs in the playoffs 1-0.

“It felt pretty good,” eighth grade football player Gordon Twedt said.

Eighth grade football team switched to Austin High’s playbook.

“Hardest thing is adapting to the new playbook,” eighth grade B-team coach Bill Kernan said.

The eighth grade B-team won their first City Championship this year.

“It was a pretty good game,” eighth grade football player Andrew Garcia said.

Kernan won his first ever City Championship here at Small.

“It felt really good; I was proud of my team,” Kernan said.

The eighth grade B-team also brought home the City Championship.

“It felt pretty good after A-team lost it last year,” eighth grader Tevin Wooten said.