Guerra Joins Staff to Teach ASL


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This year the American Sign Language class got a new ASL teacher because the original teacher accepted a job at a different school.

“A friend told me about how Small needed an ASL sub to take over the class, and I decided to help out,” ASL teacher Lisa Guerra said.

A few students have deaf family members, which made them want to take ASL.

“My uncle is deaf, and I need to learn to how to talk to him better,” eighth grader Teá McClain said.

The ASL teacher has prior experience teaching ASL.

“I taught almost one year at UT Austin for the School Of Social work,” Guerra said.

ASL is taught as a class in many colleges and high schools.

“My mom took it in high school, and I thought it would be fun to learn,” seventh grader Zoe Fox said.

Teachers Jack McReynolds and Natalie Husley filled in as subs for the class before Guerra was hired.

“It was very difficult, even though my scope is limited, I’m not fluent in ASL, so my ability to teach something I’m not fluent in is difficult,” McReynolds said.

Students think it would be interesting to communicate with the people in the deaf community.

“I think it would be fun to communicate with people who can’t hear,” eighth grade student Noelle Hall said.

Students think learning a new language would be fun

“It sounded like fun,” eighth grader Lukas Quimby said.

Teachers think the ASL teacher is great.

“I really like the new ASL teacher. She’s funny, young, and she gets along with the students,” Hulsey said.