Small Gets Scared at Haunted House


Adrienne and Brandon

Cries of terror echo through the halls. Weeping boys and girls line the walls. You turn the corner and more horror awaits you at the annual Smalloween Haunted House.

“I got scared twice, at the creepy surgery table, and then in the hallway that had hands in the walls,” sixth grader Bradley Hunkin said.

The Smalloween Haunted House took place on Oct. 24. In order to get into the dance students had to first go through the “insane asylum.”

“I think that this year’s Smalloween was more put together, and it seemed like they tried harder to make it look realistic,” seventh grader Ella Garcia said. “I wasn’t really scared, but it was fun to see my friends trying to scare us.”

Seventh and eighth grade art and theater students worked hard to get the asylum perfect.

“My group held on to each other and had our eyes closed for the most of the time,” eighth grader Ashley Ramirez said. “I think that the people that worked on this year’s haunted house did a great job.”

Supplies for the haunted house came from several different places and people.

“We get the supplies from volunteers, parents of volunteers, we buy it with our budget, or from last years event,” Art teacher Frederick Tabares said.

Advanced Theatre students acted as patients and nurses in the asylum.

“I liked this years haunted house not only because of the theme, but because of the good job that the actors did. They did a really good job, ” Ramirez said.

Some people even experienced pain during the event because of all of the yelling.

“My ears and eyes hurt a lot because almost every one was yelling. It was really dark, and there were strobe lights,” sixth grader Julien Copley said.

Teachers even participated in scaring the students.

“Mr. McReynolds role scared me the most,” Copley said.

Not only was it a fun and scary experience for students, it was also a fundraiser for Theatre and Art.

“We hope to make about $3,000 to split between both classes,” Tabares said.