Tennis names MVP of the year

Jackson W., writer, editor

Livia Power was just elected this year’s most valuable tennis player (MVP) for Small MS.

Throughout this season everyone has gave it their all to rise up to the standards to the team. Regardless of who was elected MVP, everyone played hard and contributed to their team in their each own special way.

Livia, 7th grader, said, “I thought it was very funny in a surprising way. I didn’t think I would get elected because tennis is not my ‘main’ sport.

“I think I got elected MVP because I work well with my team, I always show up for my practices, and I believe I have improved a whole bunch since the start of the year.”

Tennis coach Jill Burgess said “I elected Livia because she is at practice everyday, has an amazing attitude. She works well with other players, and is a huge game-changer for the team.”

Burgess said Livia works hard and is serious about this sport.

“I see much potential in the team, and she and the team show a lot of ability to adapt to different skills needed for the sport and is a fast learner,” Burgess said.