Graduating class looks back on experiences

Libby Monahan, student editor

So, all of us eighth graders have almost passed the great middle school stepping stone. Soon, we will be continuing the journey into high school, back to the bottom of the totem pole, only to further our great trek for education.

While many of us eighth graders have constantly been reminded to keep our school experience about – well- learning, there is no doubt that some of us have found a way to make friends, memories, and have fun. Without further adieu, here’s some eighth grade reflections…

What was your favorite year of middle school?

Devon Brown said,“Seventh– because it was easy.”

Lilly Lawler, “Sixth because it was new and very easy.”

Then, we found a very meaningful response..

“I think eighth grade was the best because I got to meet a lot of the people important to me  today,” said Mercedes Solis.

Next, we asked if anyone had any middle school memories they cherish.

Miranda Guzman said,  “UIL for choir was fun, and I especially enjoyed the first two days of school in each grade.”  she paused for a second- “I do have memories with my friends, but most are embarrassing.”

Vanessa Lee said, “I loved the carnival last year.”

Well hopefully, high school will bring about many more happy memories.