Drake debut’s ‘Free Smoke’

Josh M., writer, editor

Free Smoke starts first with the song title. Free Smoke is a dare and the word “Smoke” is commonly used in the rap community relating to gun smoke referencing killing someone. By using this title Drake is saying he will kill (diss) anyone who challenges him as he did with Meek Mill in his Grammy award winning single “Back to back.”

The intro in my opinion is very good because of the vocals and then the hard beats come in very smoothly to Drakes rapping. One of my favorite parts of this song was all of his references, which if you looked at his lyrics were easy to find. Drake and Ohio Native rapper Kid Cudi had gotten into beef on twitter. Kid Cudi claimed Drake didn’t write his lyrics (one of the many rappers who did), so Drake came back with a clever but humiliating verse in another song in the same album “Two Birds, One Stone” insulting Kid Cudi’s mental health issues. Kid Cudi responded on Twitter to Drake to “Say it to his face,” so Drake wrote a verse in Free Smoke, “Please come outside the house and show yourself so I can say it to your face.”

Another diss thrown in this song was one at Torey Lanez (a native from Drakes home town Toronto, Canada), saying he is a fake gangster because in his album “I Told You” there are skits of him talking on the phone which a “real gangster” would never do for chance of being phone tapped by the police or the government. In addition, in the same verse Drake said, “You must really love that road life, never coming home stuff.” Torey Lanez is spending almost every night on his 2017 summer tour performing, but what Drake is really trying to say is that Torey Lanez is afraid of coming back to both his and Drakes home town and facing Drake.

When Drake talks about a 1990’s movie House Party, which relates to a movie Project X in having the same theme, “a wild party high school party” it makes you think why he would mention these movies. The theory of mentioning the movie House party was for the relation to the movie Project X. Although the movie Project X had nothing to do with the diss it was pretty obvious who he was talking about with the use of letter X.

Florida rapper XXXTENTACION accused Drake of stealing his flow from “Look at me” in one of Drake’s song “KMT.” Drake responded in his lyrics (“he doesn’t play about the flow”) saying he uses his own. Drake also makes a statement about how doing drugs or playing with your noise (referencing cocaine) is wasting time that could be used to making music (even though most rappers do it).

With this being the first song in the album, there was – for sure – more diss and insults thrown. I liked his collaboration with the Migos but the other songs didn’t appeal to me (couldn’t stand the rapper Giggs). In fact I started doing research and Drake has been accused an overwhelmingly amount of times for not writing his lyrics and stealing other peoples’ music flow and beats.

After hearing “KMT,” it is obvious Drake stole XXXTENTACION’s flow. Drake might have rapped like that at one point, but the songs were released too close together for this to have been an accident. Another thing Drake stole was the “Chiraq Diddy Bop” used by Chicago rapper Lil Jay for over three years before Hotline Bling was released. My problem with Drake doing the “Chiraq Diddy Bop” is that contributes to another thing Drake has stolen and not given credit to the original owner.