Netflix Picks

Tayah S., Zoey G., contributors

We all know that the best thing after an annoying day of school, is to come home and sit back, relax and let the binge begin. We might have two essays, five worksheets, and soccer practice, but that won’t stop teens from knocking out an entire season in one go.We asked our biggest bingers what their favorite show was and how long have they’ve watched it on Netflix and this is what they said…

On average, a person watches about 2 hours a day which means, a person spends about 30 solid DAYS watching Netflix per year.

And that doesn’t even include the really long netflix sessions. We asked some students what their record for straight binge sessions was, no breaks, no standing, just straight up BINGE and they said on average about 17 hours! Add all that up and u get… well…were netflix watchers not math geniuses, but you get the point, we waste a bunch time on our favorite shows. Worth it? Thats a definite YES!

So if you’re looking for a new show to binge on, we got you covered. Our survey of Clint Small students uncovered the best shows to come home to…

Most watched shows

-Stranger Things (TV-14)

-Vampire Diaries (TV-14)

-Gossip Girl (TV-14)

-Walking Dead (TV-MA)

-Friends (TV-14)

-Quantico (TV-14)

-Glee (TV-PG)

-Greys Anatomy (TV-14)

-Gilmore Girls (TV-14)

-New Girl (TV-14)

-How I Met Your Mother (TV-PG)

-Jane the Virgin (TV-14)

-The Flash (TV-PG)

-Shameless (TV-MA)

-Pretty Little Liars (TV-14)

-Switched at Birth (TV-14)

-How to Get Away With Murder (TV-14)

Ready, Set….WATCH!