10 Cougars 1 Question

filmed/edited by Libby M.

Libby M., senior editor

With Valentine’s Day coming up, all of us are anticipating a lovely dance and passing valentines to friends and family. But, how does this compare to the fun- old times with our little boxes full of candy.

Q: How is Valentine’s different now from when you were in elementary?

8th-grader Jovi Smith says:

Valentine’s Day is different because back in the day in elementary we used to give candy to each other, like in those mailbox things, which was freaking awesome, but now we have to deliver those plastic tasting roses or lollipops for a price.


8th-grader Michael Patterson says:

A, You don’t have to give Valentines, and B, you are pressured to date someone.


8th-grader Devon Brown says:

Valentine’s Day is different because we used to get those cards with candy and stickers in them, and that doesn’t really happen anymore, little bit sad about that. That’s pretty much the only difference.


8th-grader Ashton Wilmore says:

I think middle school valentine’s day is different than elementary because the candy was a lot better than waxy chocolate.

8th-grader Jack Bueide says:

Elementary, um, you gave your class candy and cards, and then in middle school you give roses.

7th-grade Rommel Vallecillo says:

On Valentine’s Day in elementary we would bring a labeled piece of candy or present for everybody and then our teacher would tell us to pass our presents and we would spend the day eating and opening presents. Now we don’t do anything.

7th-grader Landon Holt says:

Valentine’s Day in my old school: we all made boxes and sat at our desk and then passed them around. Now, we just get a few cards for our friends or the people we love.

7th-grader Blain Hamel says:

During Valentine’s Day you usually got those cheesy cards or made your own.  

8th-grader Zander Combs says:

Elementary only had parties in my classroom. This school now has Valentine’s dances.

CSMS teacher Ileana Gonzalez says:

In elementary school,there were handmade boxes, Scooby Doo, Hello Kitty, and heart candy.