Innovation becomes action in Capstone course


Libby Monahan, Student Advisor/Writer

Small is known for being an innovative school, I mean come on, we are the first in TEXAS to win the Green Flag Award, aka the National Sustainability Award. So this year to keep up the innovation, our students are making a big impact on our campus in what’s called Capstone. Capstone is a class that encourages our students to use their mind to come up with new and innovative ideas that benefit our campus and the environment. Ellery Yates, 8th-grader involved in the Capstone project shares her info on the topic.

    “Capstone is basically to benefit our campus through the students,and in the process the students get a learning experience that allows them to take leads and come up with their own  projects.’’ Ellery explains.

Students are already working on individual projects.

     “Clark is already working on the bee enclosure. Our school is getting bees to provide honey and pollination,a few people are building ponds, and Ashton is working on building the Gulf of Mexico— a special pond that feeds into the Texas shaped garden.”

Correlating with PLTW, these students accomplish things that are helpful to the school and the environment.