Cougar Ball brings students together


This year’s new PRIDE game is called Cougar Ball.

Introduced by our principal Matthew Nelson. Small students play Cougar ball during the 25 minute advisory class. Students say they like Cougar ball because it gives them a chance at active team-building.

The way to score is simple: hit the mat (or target) with the ball. Any time the goal is hit (rolling, bouncing,direct touch) a point is awarded to the opposing team.

Players advance the ball by passing it to one another. Once a player catches the ball, he/she cannot run. They may pivot, but cannot advance their position. Passing can be in any direction and players learn short passes are best.

The last person to throw the ball before it touches the ground loses possession. Even if a player from the other team jumps in the way and knocks it down, the team that threw it loses the ball. Think of defending a pass play on 4th down in football. If the other team intercepts, they merely take possession and start the other way.

All this was difficult and confusing for some, but for others it was fun.

“(The game) was alright because there was a lot of running back and forward and it became confusing,” said 6th grader Abram Miles.

Teachers played Cougar ball back in August before the students did, and loved it. So they decided to share the game with the students.

“By teaching our faculty and playing for 5 days in a row… We soon saw that they loved it,” said Principal Matthew Nelson.

Cougar ball is a fun way to bring everyone closer together and become a better team.

Tyteanna Douglas, 7th grader, said, “My pride class is better as a team because my class talks to each other way more, and we ‘high five’ each other when someone scores and helps out the team.”