Longer passing period comes to Small MS


River and Kenia

CSMS this year changed the passing period and bell schedule. The passing periods were 4 minutes and started school a little bit later than usual, but the administrators and teachers decided to change the passing period back to 5 minutes.

“The school changed the bell schedule back to 5 minutes so kids won’t be late to class and have enough time to get water and go to the bathroom,” said Principal Matthew Nelson.

There are roughly 1,200 students attending Small MS this year, and 4-minute passing periods seemed to be too short an interval between classes.

“Our main concern was the safety and well-being of all students,” said 8th-grade social studies teacher Rebecca Smootz.  “It’s hard to get from the first floor to the third floor while twelve-hundred other students are trying to do the same thing.”

Last year 4 minute passing periods were tested at the end of the school year and it worked out well because there was only about 1000 students at the school.

“I don’t think the bell schedule it going to change because the new schedule allows for safe navigation in the halls, plenty of time to take care of business, and a little bit of time to chat with friends,” Smootz said.

For the five minute passing period students now must start school a little bit earlier– at 8:18 am. “I like the new bell schedule because of longer passing periods so I am on time in class,” said 8th-grader Nasif Boksh.