Arwin Addison., 7th Grader


Libby, Student Advisor/Writer

1 What is your favorite class so far this year?


Green architecture


2 What is your favorite 2k16 pop culture trend?(bottle flipping,, or hair dye, etc.)


Dabbing, I guess


3 Favorite snapchat filter? If you don’t have snapchat, favorite meme?


I don’t have snapchat, but my favorite meme is the donald trump “corn husk hair’’


4 Favorite show?




5 Pet peeves?


Getting blamed for something i didn’t do.


6 What do you do in your freetime?


Video games


7 If you could meet anyone in the whole world, who would it be?


Barack obama


8 What is your worst fear?


Someone murdering me.


9 What would you buy if you had a million dollars?


A very fancy house.


10 If you could have any superpower?


I would love to fly.