New Teachers at CSMS


River, Eden, and Kenia

This year Small has many new teachers on campus,  Core class teachers and elective teachers.

“I’ve taught math, reading, science, writing, and social studies because I used to teach at elementary schools and wanted a change, so I moved to middle school,” 6th-grade science teacher Ms. Chambers said. 

Our principal Mr. Matthew Nelson recommended the jobs for our new teachers. “I used to work with Mr. Nelson and he told me about the job, and I had heard good things about Small,” 8th grade ELA teacher Mrs. Clark said. 

Some teachers were interested in our many programs here at Small. “I was impressed with Small’s ‘green’ campus and Green Tech,” Ms. Laura Fleming, new yearbook and journalism teacher, said. 

Many teachers do their own thing after school like spending time with his family.

“I have two kids who attend Dripping Springs High school and my wife teaches at AISD as well,” Mr. Paul Rodrigue 6th and 8th-grade math teacher said. 

Teachers do their own thing after school like their favorite hobbies. “I like kickball, singing, dancing and watching Netflix,” said Jessica Fries, new 8th grade math teacher, said.