Baby Chickens come to Clint Small


Asia and Sarah

Clint Small Middle School is home to a clutch of baby chickens.

Follow the sound of peeps to the end of the 8th grade academic hall to Chris Brooks room and you’ll find the chicks thriving under a warming lamp. With the help of Green Tech teacher Nate Rosenberg and T.A. Justin Fyffe the chickens are growing and soon will be moved to their outdoor quarters.

Students are tagging the baby chicks and their peeps “make you feel bad and it’s kinda cute, all at the same time,” said Jovi Smith, 8th-grader.

Why did the school even get baby chickens you may ask?

“Well, we got the chickens for the eggs, but we also got them so we can teach kids how to raise them from babies,” Fyffe said.

The Green Tech program features at least three breeds of chickens: Rhode Island red, speckled hen and naked necks, said Rosenberg, Environmental studies teacher.

The chickens are being raised in Brooks’ classroom until they are big enough to go out to their coop. Right now there 28 days old, and have two more weeks till their in the coop.

Another question we asked is where would the chickens live? “Mr. Brooks classroom till they can hold their heat, Then the chicken coop.’’

While the chickens are here, well will feed them, water them and collect eggs while teaching our Cougars to care for them, Brooks said.

At the end of the program the chickens will ‘fly the coop.’ Last year five went to Rosenberg’s home and three to teacher Melissa Dunaway’s home.