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Volleyball Season Begins

Jackson and Krysten

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Volleyball season is upon us and the 7th and 8th-grade teams are ready. Now it’s up to them to give it all they got in the big games soon to come.

Players are excited about this brand new season, one of our volleyball team members shares her opinion about volleyball. “I wanted to play volleyball because I am always competitive,” said A-team 8th grader Abby Blas.

“My favorite position to play is middle front because it is a position I’m really good at, and this is my first year playing at Clint Small MS,” said B-team 7th grader, Madi Wright.

B team 7th-grade coach Ms. Brantley Bright for B-team said, “I think this season is going to go super well because they have gotten better in two days of practice.”

Another B-team 8th grader wants this year to count because; “This year is going to be my last year to play volleyball,” said Miriani Gray.

A-team 7th grader Lily Herb said, “This is my first year playing at school,” which made her nervous at first.

8th-grade B-team coach and Small MS principal Matthew Nelson said, “I think this season will start out slow but finish strong.”

Hoping this season will go well for all our cougars out there, we all wish them the best of luck. Go get ‘em Cougars.


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Volleyball Season Begins