Mandala Garden Sprouts New Growth in Greentech


Eighth grader Bella Gray is the student in charge of the new flower shaped garden.

“It was my Idea and my project, I had help from my teacher, and one of my friends Emma. But there is also a lot of people coming in and out,” Eighth grader Bella Gray said.

Many gardens weren’t able to grow due to lack of sunlight.

“We had keyhole gardens, but we were growing vegetables, and they wouldn’t grow. We discovered that it was because of the sunlight in that area, so we decided to make a new bigger garden,” Gray said.

The new garden is a herbal garden.

“We tried growing vegetables but they didn’t do well so we are trying herbs now so we can get something beneficial,” Gray said.

The garden should be finished in about a month.

“ It shouldn’t take that much longer, we put in the stones, to outline the design we’ve already sheet mulched, which we had to dumpster dive for, then we are gonna put down soil, and then we’re going to put compost, so about a month,” Gray said.