Orchestra Faces UIL

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Orchestra Faces UIL

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Orchestra students performed at UIL in March.

“The hardest part was playing on stage in front of the judges, because they were on a balcony,” Seventh grader Annalisa Gonzales said.

A lot of kids thought differently about playing.

“My favorite part was when we finished performing in front of the judges,” Sixth grader Sophia Ciaverelli said.

For some people some things were harder then others.

“One thing that helped me through this was being prepared and not being nervous, but it is a very fun experience after you do it,” Seventh grader Sarah Clemens said.

A lot of kids were scared to play in front of the judges.

“The hardest part that was also scary was playing in front of the judges. When you’re about to play in front of the judges its all very nerve-racking,” Seventh grader Helaina Roland said.

Over all this is a fun and new experience for kids.

“Going to UIL was very fun after you perform in front of the judges,” 7th grader Kenia Garcia said.

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