Green Tech Continues to Grow in 2016


One of the newest additions to the Green Tech Academy is Fern, a Nigerian Dwarf goat.

Maddie and Remi

With the new year under way, the Green Tech Academy has many plans for this semester. Marlo Malott is the new academy director and says she has many plans for it this year, including renovations, finishing up projects, and recruiting new students.

“It’s been exciting and really eye-opening as far as all of the great things going on at our middle school,” Malott said.

The school has many projects this year. Gardens are being built, cisterns are being put in, and an outdoor cooking classroom is being finished up.

“We have a bunch of Green Tech Academy projects that are finishing up on campus. We have some new gardens and new cisterns, and other things like that going in,” Malott said.

The Green Tech Academy spends a good amount of time going into elementary schools and recruiting fifth graders to be cougars the following year.

“I spent the fall semester visiting elementary schools, meeting different parents, and meeting the future cougars of Clint Small,” Malott said.

There are many agencies wanting to work with the Green Tech Academy, such as the Sustainable Food Bank.

“We also have the chance to start working with some other outside agencies, like the Sustainable Food Bank. We got to meet other organizations that want to partner with us, and we have a couple of Project Lead the Ways’ in stem and robotic and gardening groups that are interested in working with the school,” Malott said.

Even though the Green Tech Academy has a lot to offer, Malott thinks there is always more room for improvement.

“There is always ways that even if you’re really good at something, you should always spend time being reflective,” Malott said.