Campus Acquires New Laptops

Kenia and Isabelle

Small recently received 120 new laptops that everyone will be able to use in class, the library, and in the new computer lab in room 203.

“We did not spend any money. We got a bond from AISD,” tech teacher Mark Kelly said.

After years of everyday use, most people were happy to hear about the new laptops.

“I think we needed new laptops, definitely,” assistant librarian Bridget Brown said.

Many laptops were broken down, had missing keys, speakers were broken, and they were really slow.

“They will be faster, they won’t waste time, and they actually have keys,” Brown said.

Students struggled when they were on laptops while working on school projects.

“The old ones were slow. They took forever to log on, and when you logged on you had to log off because it was almost time to leave,” seventh grader Brooke Ahart said.

According to some students, computers help them be more productive and learn more efficiently.

“It helps me by using learning games, and it helps me learn faster and better,” seventh grader DeAndra Pierce said.