Choir Receives all Ones at UIL


Morgan and Adrienne

Chamber and Concert Choir performed at UIL April 15-16, receiving all ones for the first time ever.

“I was most worried about sight-reading, because you never know what  to expect, but I was confident that my choirs could get all ones,” choir director Allison Tucker said.

Students worked for months to perfect their songs for UIL in hopes of getting straight ones.

“I felt prepared because we practiced songs a lot and did sight reading everyday,” eighth grader Alexis Burch said.

Due to students being ineligible to go to UIL, some musically advanced students had to move sections and learn a new voice part.

“I have a good ear when it comes to music so it was easier to sing a new part,” seventh grader Anamarie Jarmon-Booker said.

For some students, the hardest part in UIL for them was not being able to concentrate on their music.

“My mind was going places, and I thought I was going to mess up. Then I got myself to calm down,” eighth grader Autumn Steinle said.

Each choir had three songs to perform on stage; one of the songs was in a different language making it harder for students.

“The hardest song I had to sing was Sakura because it’s in a different language,” seventh grader Haley Walker said.