Band and Orchestra Get Sweepstakes at UIL


Morgan and Charlotte

Both band and orchestra received sweepstakes at UIL.

“I do think that the scores we got from the judges were fair because our class listened to the recordings and we went over the parts we had trouble on,” Sinfonietta Orchestra teacher Priscilla Arisaki said.

UIL took place at the new Austin Performing Arts center two weeks before Spring Break began.

“The biggest thing that we had to work on was getting in across sections while playing,” Wind Ensemble teacher Tonia Mathews said.

The students had worked for weeks on their music to get good scores in UIL.

“The practice did pay off because it helped me understand orchestra better and the music we had,” seventh grader Nathan Snider said.

Students have to perform the songs they practiced in class in front of judges and then go onto sight reading where they get five minutes of time to learn new music and preform it.

“The hardest song for me was Twilight Dancers because there was a lot of switching strings, and it had a fast tempo,” seventh grader Angie Black said.

Students faced many challenges to get prepared to perform in front of the judges.

“The biggest issue I had trouble on was getting myself mentally prepared because if you aren’t mentally prepared, then you won’t do as good,” eighth grader Alicia Rusthoven said.