Green Students Work on Independent Study Projects



In Independent Study, students are finishing their final project.

“I want students to find what they are specifically interested in the environment and find a way they can help,” Green Tech assistant Carly Surratt said.

Students were able to create their own project as long as it helps the environment and our school.

“My favorite part of the project is having the opportunity to do something with art that gives me a step forward in my art career,” eighth grader Noelle Hall said.

As long as students reach their deadline, they are able to work at their own pace.

“My chicken was recently sick, but thanks to Mr. Brooks helping me heal him, I got an opportunity to save a chickens life,” eighth grader Rayce Arrington said.

Alicia Ruthoven and Trevor Ward made beehives so that bees can stay and pollinate the flowers.

“I like dealing with bees that positively benefit the environment; so I made homes for bees on our campus,” Alicia said.

These projects teach students how to be more independent and self driven to succeed.

“I am creating a camera for the goat pin to improve security for the goats,” eighth grader Ben Fremin said.