Green Tech Academy Hosts Plant Sale


The Green Tech Academy hosted a plant sale on March 26-27 to earn money to help fund green programs.

“We sold native and adaptive plants to the state of Texas at our plant sale,” green teacher Nate Rosenberg said.

Students where given their own jobs at the plant sale. There were several students helping customers decide on what plant they wanted and telling the customers why they should buy the plant.

“I helped with organizing the money and making sure the customers received the correct amount of change for their purchase,” seventh grader Caleb Garcia said.

Rosenberg was in charge of organizing the entire plant sale.

“I organized the plant sale, hand selected the students to make sure we had optimal productivity, as-well as hand picking the plants that remain healthy in and environment such as our own,” Rosenberg said.

The plant sale allows members of the community to get to know what the school is about, while also funding things that students do in the Green Tech Academy.

“The plant sale is a yearly tradition, and has been going for almost 15 years and counting,” Rosenberg said.

The spring plant sale earned approximately $500 in profits.

“We ended up keeping $1,000 in plants that didn’t sell,” Rosenberg said.