Musicians Prepare for the Solo & Ensemble Concert



On May 1, all band student’s will be playing their solos and playing with their ensemble at Small for the Solo & Ensemble Concert. Other AISD band directors judge the solo part of the concert. For the solo part of the concert the students will be playing songs they picked.

“I’m playing Renaissance Festival,” seventh grade band student Sarah Fatheree said.

Students had many obstacles practicing for the solo concert.

“There are a lot of high notes,” seventh grade band student Anamarie Jarmon-Booker said.

At the Solo & Ensemble Concert, they play a solo they picked, or their private teacher, if they have one, picks one for them.

“They play a solo which means they are performing a challenging melody and will be critiqued by a professional music director,” Wind Ensemble director Tonia Mathews said.

There are different songs for each ensemble to present their instrument.

“We have the woodwind quintet, clarinet quintet, flute trio/quartet, and percussion ensemble,” Symphonic Winds director Suzanne Glaser said.

Students are picked for each ensemble because Glaser believes that they need a challenge.

“I chose people to play in ensembles because it offers them a challenge and requires more independent and mature playing,” Glaser said.