Egg Club Sells Eggs to Teachers, Parents



With 21 chickens on campus, students may wonder what happens to all the eggs. Since last year, teachers and staff can pay $25 and receive fresh eggs all year round.

I signed up for Egg Club so I could support the Small chickens,” counselor’s secretary Liz Nichols said.

All of the money given to the Egg Club will go towards the chickens.

“The money mostly goes towards buying chicken feed, chicken scratch, chicken treats, or upgrades to the coop,” Green teacher Chris Brooks said.

The chickens have just started to lay, but egg production is expected to increase.

“We’ve already given out a couple dozen eggs to the first thirteen teachers on the list,” Brooks said.

The teachers are also saving money by getting eggs from the school opposed to buying them from the store.

“I think buying eggs from the school is cheaper then buying them from the store, and I also like to support the things that teachers do,” sixth grade teacher Monica Gonzalez said.

Teachers enjoy the freshness of the eggs.

“They were great. I loved them, my daughter loved them, and I had to ask Mr. Brooks for some direction on how to cook them, and how long they would last,” Gonzalez said.

Nichols believes the quality of the protein to be eggcelent.

“These eggs were definitely better then the ones I would buy at the store,” Nichols said.