Anime Club Focuses on Japanese Films & Manga



In Anime Club students enjoy watching Japanese films, drawing manga and just having a good time.

“Anime is a genre of film, specifically Japanese animation, and something I’m moderately familiar with. When I was a kid they where only like maybe 15 anime films available for anybody to watch and out of those 15 maybe like 7 of them where appropriate for middle school age, but now they’re like hundreds and not thousands different films for middle school that are appropriate,” art teacher Fred Tabares said.

Students like eighth graders Aran Rhodes and James Burleson created Anime Club this year.

“Honestly Aran and I created anime club this year because, we realized that there wasn’t one yet,” Burleson said.

Anime Club is different than most clubs.

“In normal clubs, they have a lot of rules, and in our club you can do whatever you want,” Rhodes said.

Meanwhile, other students join because they enjoy watching Japanese animations.

“I joined because I really enjoy watching anime, and a lot of my close friends are in it,” eighth grader Alexis Burch said.

Some of the members spend most of their day watching anime.

“I spend about eight hours a day watching anime,” eighth grader Amber Oliver said.