Eres mi Sol Mural Adds Color to Campus



Have you ever seen the “I love you so much” mural at Jo’s coffee shop? The art and green departments worked together to make the mural to gain publicity for the school, and in hopes that the community would take pictures in front of it.

“The mural says ‘you are my sunshine’ instead of ‘I love you so much’ like the coffee shop,” Art teacher Fred Tabares said.

The mural took a lot of planning and work before the panting even started.

“The mural on the wall is 100 times bigger then the original panting,” Tabares said.

Students where not given a certain job and were put where they needed to be at the time

“I set up the tape and painted pretty much everything,” seventh grader Bella Gray said.

Different people find different meanings in the mural.

“The mural reflects the personality of the students at our school,” eighth grader Morgan Sanders said.

The objective of the project was to teach students teamwork, a real life lesson, to help the students in adulthood.

“The project teaches students to learn to work together out of school,” Tabares said.