Students Complete 3D Printer Project



John Beam, the Design, Modeling, Automation, and Robotics teacher, gave his students a project to model a park for a school in the district.

“The point of the project was to teach students teamwork in the engineering field,” Beam said.

Mr. Beam organized a contest for the students. The group that made the most appealing park got it printed on the 3D printer.

“We evaluated the parks then determined which would be printed,” Beam said.

Students were able to choose their groups, and every student was required to make one piece of equipment for the park.

“We all did our parts, and we were all friends,” seventh grader Evan Myers said.

Losing files and sharing data made it hard to put the park together.

“My most frustrating part was a bridge I had to build,” seventh grader Jun Lee said.

Most students said they enjoyed at least one part of the project.

“I enjoyed making a park for this project,” seventh grader Joaquin Lozano said.